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23 August 2018 from Sharon B (Daughter of Resident).

I am so pleased I found this little gem of a care home. The owners and staff treated my mum with the utmost respect as well as the other residents. I’ll always remember her happy laugh as she bantered with staff. Yes, Mum was well looked after and happy at Little Oaks.

2 July 2018 from S R C (Daughter of Resident).

My 96-year-old Mother, a retired nurse, midwife and health visitor, has been living at Little Oaks for more than two years. She keeps telling me how happy she is at Little Oaks “one of the best things she ever did, nothing is too much trouble”.
We think the staff are so kind, attentive and friendly, and my mother is always treated with respect and compassion.
The meals are home cooked and well presented.
I am extremely happy with the excellent care my mother is receiving, both from my personal and professional opinion (I have been a nurse for 47 years, specialising in the care of the elderly since 1985).
If my mother has any problems we are informed immediately. I highly recommend this delightful and well equipped residential home and beautiful gardens to anyone seeking a “home from home” for their relative

29 May 2018 from Helen K (Daughter of Resident).

My mother has been a resident since December 2017. When she moved in she wouldn’t leave her room and was unwilling to eat properly. She now leaves her room daily to sit in the lounge with other residents. She eats her meals in the dining room and joins in with activities. This, I’m sure, is solely due to the fantastic care she gets from the lovely staff.
Just this afternoon when I visited she joined in the singing and the exercises.
I am really impressed with everything about the home and I couldn’t have chosen better for my Mum.

29 May 2018 from Philip H (Son of Resident).

My mother has been a resident of Little Oaks for over six years, during this time she has received nothing but loving care. The carers go out of their way to make sure that she is happy and entertained. The management and the owners are always available to help or to discus any problems with my mother’s health.
29 May 2018 from Anne C (Daughter of Resident).*

My mother is completely dependent on the care of the carers for her every need and the care provided at the home is excellent in every respect, from her personal hygiene, cleanliness, providing a nutritious diet, comfort, treating her with dignity and the interaction of the carers with my mum. The whole care team do a fantastic job and are very committed to the care they give day and night.
Living far away I am advised immediately of any concerns that may arise with my mum and also if I have any concerns there is always someone to speak to, who listens and appropriate review of her care taken. I feel she is in the safest of hands.
29 May 2018 from David C (Son of Resident).
We chose Little Oaks from past family experience and although my Father was only there for less than a year, he was treated with great respect and dignity by all staff, and the level of care was well above what he expected, and his every need was attended to. Little Oaks has the feel of a large house (rather than a residential care home) and the private owners run an extremely well-managed establishment. I would highly recommend Little Oaks to anyone looking for individual care.
29 May 2018 from Helen R (Daughter of Resident).*

Mum has now lived at Little Oaks for 1 year 2 months and continues to receive excellent care from a lovely team of carers.
We visit regularly, several times a week, and are always made to feel welcome. Everyone is very friendly and nothing is too much trouble.
The residents have the choice as to whether they spend time in their room or join the activities in the lounge. The recent Royal wedding day was celebrated, and family and friends along with the residents, staff and management enjoyed an afternoon of entertainment, tea and cakes.
We are extremely pleased with the care that Mum receives and would recommend Little Oaks to anyone who is looking for a small, friendly, family run care home for their loved one.

4 January 2018 from Sharon W (Daughter of Resident).

I cannot praise Little Oaks and it’s management and staff highly enough. My dad stayed for respite for 2 weeks. The manager spent considerable time on a home visit to ensure his care plan was totally complete and accurate. I was asked to agree and sign the care plan once presented and reading it highlighted the deep understanding of my dad’s condition. Excellent communication throughout. Staff treated my dad as an individual and they took time to really get to know him. He was treated with the utmost dignity and respect. His complex medication routine was followed exactly. We all felt very safe as a family and reassured that dad would be well cared for. He had varied choices at mealtimes and with activities. Food was excellent and there was always something organised for dad to do if he wished. Being Christmas, there were wonderful events organised which the family could be involved in. It has a warm feeling of one big family and dad has already asked to visit again! Thank you.

*22 May 2017 from Jasbir J (Son of Resident).
We had our mum staying there after a major heart operation. The care provided by the staff and the management was nothing less than 5 stars. They made our mum part of their family and met all her needs. Their standard was excellent and nothing was too much. On behalf of my brothers and sisters, I would like to thank the management and staff for the excellent care provided.

20 May 2017 from Patricia D (Daughter of Resident).

My Mum was a resident here for over two years. I chose this particular residential home over all the others I had viewed because it felt more like a real home than an institution.
All the bedrooms are beautifully decorated with lovely personal touches to make it feel welcoming, lovely individual quilts, furniture like you may have in your own home. The sitting, dining and day rooms are all beautifully furnished with personal photos and ornaments. All these little touches set this home apart from many of the others.
The staff are always extremely hard working and genuinely like the residents in their care and treat them like they are family, nothing is ever too much. They spend time talking to the residents as well as caring for their individual person needs.
There are a good variety of daily activities available for those who want to join in and they produce some super craft work. They have some great day trips as well.
I cannot praise them enough for the care they always gave to Mum.

Monday 14 October 2013 by Susan P (Daughter of resident)

Totally satisfied with the standards of accommodation, care, and compassion. They are a wonderful team of kind and patient people who seem to love the residents in their care. The home is like a home, not an institution.

Monday 9 September 2013 by Graham L (Mother living there)

My mother has been living at Little Oaks for the last 18 months and she loves the company of other residents and the staff are so cheerful and friendly nothing is too much trouble. I can honestly say the care is outstanding.

Friday 30 August 2013 by John Edwards (Former Resident relative)

I must preface this testimonial by saying that I previously knew the owners from years prior to my mother becoming a resident. This made me feel much better about Mum going to Little Oaks but there was always still the worry as to how it would turn out for her. My fears were unfounded and she found love and affection from all of the staff – many of whom attended Mum’s funeral when she passed away – many of them visibly saddened by her passing. Mum was well looked after and we had many fun times during her time there – as I sometimes went to see her straight from the office, some of the residents thought I was the ‘doctor’! There was always a cup of tea and a biscuit ready for me when I got there. I mention all of this as it is important to look after relatives as well as residents as it can be a harrowing time putting a parent into a home. I would not hesitate to recommend Little Oaks to friends and relatives.

Thursday 29 August 2013 by Barbara Whitehead (Mother former resident)

My Mother was resident at Little Oaks for six years. During those years she was extremely happy and very much loved by the staff! She in return loved them and could not during those years have been happier. The staff were so helpful and became a part of our family as we were regular visitors. We were always met by a happy face at the door and refreshments were offered straight away. Activities happened most days from “keep fit” to flower arranging etc. We could visit any time. Some helpers at little Oaks have been there for a considerable number of years – testimony to how well they get on with the owners! On entering Little Oaks the smell of the daily cooking was always evident – superb meals! The rooms were always well decorated, clean and furnishings were always superb. The owners were always available for discussion of any health matters etc. Thank you Little Oaks for looking after my Mum so well!

Friday 23 August 2013 by Gail Hayes (Daughter of resident)

It was a huge relief for me when mum moved into Little Oaks. She is safe and happy. I know she is being well looked after by a lovely team of dedicated carers. It is a warm and welcoming home for her and family members when we visit.

Tuesday 20 August 2013 by D. McCay (Friend and helper of a Resident)

I strongly recommend Little Oaks for the following reasons. 1. I am a retired GP and have often visited my patients there over many years. They were always happy and well cared for. 2. My mother-in-law spent a few weeks in Little Oaks while we were on holiday and liked it so much that she did not want to come home to us. 3. I have recently helped an old patient/friend of mine to move from his home to Little Oaks. he was nervous to make the move but has rapidly settled and is very pleased with the room, staff, food etc.

Tuesday 20 August 2013 by M. Cousins (Resident)

I find the staff helpful, friendly, cheerful and more like friends. The food is sufficient. Accommodation overall is satisfactory. If I have any problems I can talk to the staff about it and they will do their best to help me. I would recommend this home to anyone.

Tuesday 20 August 2013 by J. Worley (Resident)

I am 80 years old and my mental faculties are in place and I am in a care home to due mobility difficulties. As such, my room is my home and I appreciate its large size and the use of my own furniture. It enables me to continue to carry out my interests. I have been here for 2 1/2 years, during which time I have got to know must of the staff well. They are marvelous! I no longer regard them as carers but as close friends. I believe that little oaks has all the advantages of a small unit with none of the disadvantages.

Tuesday 20 August 2013 by Jill Ryan (Sister of resident)

When I visit my brother I always find a very friendly and caring feeling. He is very comfortable and happy where he is. The staff are very kind to him.

Tuesday 20 August 2013 by O. Price

I think the home is very friendly. I have made some nice friends and I am very happy to be here. I can recommend Little Oaks

Tuesday 13 August 2013 by John Pritchard (Son of Resident)

Nothing but massive massive praise for everyone at this warm, cosy, comfy and personal home. Our mother was resident for six years, when staff and management cared generously with her ills and concerns night and day. Family were reassured by the good will, love and time devoted by the staff to an increasingly puzzled but adored parent. Every resident feels, (and is) special, as are their family members. Mother was very well fed, (much home cooking from brilliant chefs) and would consume vast quantities with relish. I have encountered guests having long stimulating conversations ages after the meals have been cleared away just as you would in a posh hotel. Activities, days out, music – both in house and away – are constantly dreamed up. Seed planting, painting, puzzles and other hands-on interests encourage what feels to the visitor to be a large extended jolly and comfy family. My sister and I could discuss our worries / guilt / inadequacy at dealing with a confused parent who has previously been fiercely independent all of her life. Everyone understood our anxiety very well, and helped us as much as they did our mother. My sister and I welcomed visiting as a chance to meet everyone here as very good close dear friends. The door is open at any time and a comforting cup of tea or coffee offered. Medical matters were attended to positively, quickly and professionally as they arose, and we were always informed immediately of any issues. I wouldn’t hesitate to place someone I loved in the care of everyone at Little Oaks. I now miss my regular visits and I look forward to booking my own room when the time is ripe.